Humdrum Films
Jared + Jacob

We’ve been telling stories together for over 11 years. It’s pretty much the only real job we’ve ever had.

When we founded Humdrum, we had no idea where it would take us. The further we go on this journey however, the more we understand what it’s truly about.

For us, it’s about human connection. It’s about telling a story, however it manifests.

It doesn’t have to be perfect – the best stories often aren’t – it just has to be real.

It can be outrageous, reserved, weird, awkward, beautiful, sad, funny – whatever. As long as it’s authentic. You, are the story.

To us – and hopefully to you – these aren’t just wedding films. They’re so much more. We want them to be immersive, moving-image time capsules of a moment in your life. Something that brings joy not only weeks after the wedding, but decades too.

When you watch your film, we want to evoke a real, tangible feeling. It’s about capturing a vibe – how you felt on your wedding day.

If we do our job right, we’ll meet as strangers, but leave as friends. We want you to mean that hug at the end of the night.

The truth is, our couples give us much more than we give them. The biggest reward for us is the people we’ve met along the way. The bonds we’ve made, the stories we’ve told, the places we’ve been – it’s changed who we are.

We get invited to the best parties in the world, and that’s why we’re always seeking the next adventure with our cameras.

Fuelled by our passion for our craft and the people we’ve met along the way, we travel the world shooting people in love. That’s a bit about our story. We’d love to tell yours.

If you’d like to work with us, you can get in touch here.


Current Awards

  • 2019 AIPP Australian Wedding Video Producer of the Year
  • 2019 Rangefinder Wedding Contest Grand Prize
  • 2018 AIPP Australian Video Producer of the Year
  • 2018 AIPP Australian Wedding Video Producer of the Year
  • 2017 AIPP Australian Wedding Video Producer of the Year
  • 2017 Rangefinder Annual Finalist
  • Eric Ronald

    The Ronald. Eric. E-Ron. In his mind, the most important thing for him to photograph with his camera are the moments. Authentic moments of human connection. Laughs, tears, joy and romance. These things are the fabric of every story. These things are the fabric of life. Amen to that, brother.

  • Katie Harmsworth

    Katie is a great photographer, and she shares a similar ethos to us. She believes photography isn't just about business for her, and she cares about each of her couples. She's never taken anyone on that she hasn't fallen a little bit in love with. She says if you love someone, then you can't help but take care of them. How awesome is that!

  • Alex Marks

    Full blown ledge right here. He believes it's the people that make the wedding. Sure, an epic sunset or cliff top doesn’t hurt either, but it's not the most important thing. With Alex on the job, your wedding and photos are going to rock!

  • Briars Atlas

    International man-of-mystery Oli Sansom is devilishly handsome, great with a camera, and an all round nice guy to boot. Talk about triple threat. Oli offers his cunning wit, along with documentary-style wedding photography, captured just as it should be: naturally.

  • Kim Cartmell

    Kim is awesome. Plain and simple. Like us, Kim is a storyteller, and she believes love is one of the most beautiful stories you can tell. She chooses to document love through photography, both because it;s her passion and because she believes that photos are able to convey such powerful emotion.

  • Jonathan Wherrett

    Jonathan isn't keen on stuffy poses and he doesn’t want to tear you away from family and friends for hours. He just want you to have a fantastic time… and amazing photos will come from that.

  • Cassandra Ladru

    Cassandra finds herself most inspired when capturing a love that sets every heart in the room alight, leaving you with a visual portrayal of the unparalleled love shared between souls.

  • Shane Shepherd

    Shane's about photography that’s relaxed and authentic. No fake smiles or awkward poses with him, you go do your thing - he believe's in capturing the real story.

  • Stories by Ash

    Ash is amazed by the privilege she has of being welcomed into the lives and precious moments of her couples. That she's able document these beautiful stories and pour her heart and soul into something they can keep forever. It’s pretty incredible.

  • The Style Co

    The Style Co design events from weddings and private parties to launches and corporate functions. Each event is tailor made to match their client's vision and story. They believe that every event should be an 'i-cant-believe-how-awesome-that-was' experience from start to finish. One team to design, manage and execute every detail! Boom! Life's too short to have boring parties!

  • Bek Burrows

    We're claiming it, Bek is our favourite Tasmanian! She creates exquisitely styled weddings and inspired events that place couples at the heart of their own stories. Whether you need help planning an intimate gathering or a complete destination wedding, Bek can take care of every detail.

  • Tori Allen Events

    Tori Allen Events is a cutting edge Melbourne based styling and events company, specialising in custom floral design, event styling and management.

  • Megan Watson

    Every wedding she does is different, and whether it’s a grand affair or a backyard get together, Megan loves leaving a ceremony with the couple beaming, it genuinely makes her day!

  • Benjamin Carlyle

    Benjamin is one of the best celebrants we've ever worked with. He's all about helping create a ceremony for you without the boredom factor. It's a yes from us!

  • Meriki Comito

    Meriki’s attention to detail, supreme organisational skills and passionate nature, has seen her in high demand all around Melbourne & surrounds.

  • Jo Betz

    Jo's a love story designer, as she likes to call it. She's a bit fancy like that. Jo work's with couples to bring their stories to life through personalised ceremonies. You'll be a good fit if you’re seeking a natural, relaxed and heartwarming big day – with a fair bit of fun and laughter along the way.

  • John McCullough

    John is known for being a calm, caring and grounded person with a keen sense of humour and high personal standards. So if you're after a high level of service and desire a wedding ceremony that is written and presented with thought, flair and professionalism, he's your man.

  • Shannon Jeans

    Shannon is an enthusiastic, super friendly and outgoing person with a passion for life and all things outdoors. She takes pride in writing and delivering truly personalised and engaging ceremonies that completely fulfil your wishes.

  • Rachel Calvert

    Rachel doesn't do cookie cutter ceremonies, she does made to order, deliciously unique and original, with just the right amount of sweetness and spice! She's awesome!

  • Lark Music

    Lark Music are a fun-loving band, with a big crush on entertaining and making your special occasion as perfect as you'd hoped for. Providing music in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Port Douglas and Byron Bay, and featuring some of Australia's top performers, they're as excited playing what's fresh as they are playing the classics and your requests.

  • Rutherford Entertainment

    Nick Rutherford is probably the best DJ in the business, and we’ve worked alongside him at many weddings both in Melbourne and beyond. The great thing about Rutherford Entertainment is they can also incorporate a sax, bongo player or singer with the DJ to create a cool and sophisticated feel for the night. This gives you the “live element” without having a full band and also the flexibility to play all your favourite songs throughout the night.

  • Like This Band

    Like This are amazing. That's really all there is to say. They're a band that simply loves to play music and thrives on audience interaction and the satisfaction of entertaining people.

  • Do you travel?

    Aside from the wonderful people we’ve met on this journey, the travel aspect of what we do is something we treasure most.

    Our work has taken us to remote outposts and bustling metropolises – and everything in-between – each with their own unique stories to tell. We’ve been all over Australia and beyond to places like New York, San Francisco, Italy, New Zealand and Bali to name a few.

    Wherever you’re getting married in Melbourne or further abroad, we’d love the opportunity to tell your story. Get in touch and we’ll work it out. Chances are our schedule may have us closer than you think!

  • How would you describe your style?

    Real. Organic. Honest. Cinematic.

    These are all words we’d use to describe our style – but that doesn’t mean much. Watch some of our films and you’ll get the idea. Or better yet, come and have a coffee with us, we’re way better at explaining things when we can use our hands.

  • We should catch up first, yeah?

    We always encourage saying g’day before we lock things in. We want to get to know you as people, not clients. It helps us tell a better story. That’s why we think it’s important to catch up and ask each other questions.

    We can chat at our Studio in Cremorne, or if you’re anywhere else on Planet Earth, we can wave awkwardly at each other on Skype.

  • Is there always two of you?

    Yep. We’re a package deal.

    By having two cinematographers, it allows us to be in multiple places at once, capturing moments that you yourself may not be able to witness. We still remain completely unobtrusive while adding another layer to your story. Trust us on this one.

  • How do we book?

    We’ve moved our booking system to the cloud.

    Once we’ve made sure were a good fit, we’ll send you a link to your paperwork where you’ll fill in all the details and customise your package. Once that’s submitted and we’ve received your retainer – you’re stuck with us! Yay!

  • Do you make films for businesses too?

    We sure do! Anything non-matrimony related is run through our commercial production company, Cheer Squad. Check us out!

  • What’s the difference between a cinematographer and videographer?

    Videographers kick puppies.

    Seriously though, it’s just a name, call us whatever you want. If you connect with the work, and with us, that’s all you need to worry about.

  • Do you use any special effects?

    If you mean something like this. Not yet, we’re just waiting for the right couple.

Kate + AJ
View Story

A little note to say a very BIG thank you. We can't stop watching our film & we get goosebumps (and cry) EVERY TIME we do.

It is truly a masterpiece that we will cherish forever and just takes us straight back to the best day/night of our lives with the BEST people - you guys included! Thankyou, thankyou!

Adriana + Dave

Thank you so so so much for everything you guys did for us for our wedding. You went above and beyond and the best memories involve laughing with you guys. We can't wait to (hopefully) see you guys again soon and eat more ice cream together. Thank you for all the laughs and silliness - it was truly unforgettable!

Megan + Michael
View Story

You guys are incredible. We can’t thank you enough. The video is absolutely perfect. We just watched it 8 times in a row haha. It’s easy to see how much hard work and time goes into producing your films and why you have won so many awards. Bravo!

Now our wedding is over and done, I will say… you should put your prices up haha…you guys are seriously talented cinematographers.

All the best. x

Sarah + Rabb

Thank you so, so much for your hard work and patience. We are thrilled with the final products. You guys are so talented. We wish you all the happiness and success you deserve.

Esther + Omar

I know you can't use this as a testimonial but: fucking awesome!

Thanks a lot for the care and passion that has clearly gone into it. Brought back a lot of memories and no doubt will do so forever.

We openly embrace a never-stop-learning philosophy at Humdrum. Education – however it manifests – has been a big part of our journey. We’re excited about giving back where we can.

In addition to our keynote presentations and occasional workshops, we’re pleased to offer one-on-one mentoring sessions.

These sessions can be done in person at our Studio in Cremorne, Melbourne, Australia, or online via Skype.

Mentoring Sessions are development driven and we want you to leave with something tangible you can implement in your business right away. We can talk about a range of topics, or go in depth on something in particular. Topics
could range from

Business and client management skills / Branding and Marketing / Editing and workflow / Shooting Techniques and skills & camera gear / Portfolio reviews / Destination Weddings & Travel / Being creative and getting the work
you want / Learning to see and shape light / Elevating your clients experience

1 hour and Half Day sessions are available. To book, drop us a note at